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Restoring the Bible

The Day Jesus the Christ Died

The Biblical Truth About His Passion, Crucifixion and Resurrection

The Day Jesus The Christ Died - Free Audio Book - Free Download

By Fred R. Coulter

Order FREE Hard Copy HERE

Download PDF Text Version HERE

Three Day Timline - 6 Days Before Jesus Last Passover - 28 Prophesies Fulfilled -
Chart of Abraham - Jesus' Last Passover - Chronology 30 AD to 70 AD - Christ's Birth

Narrated by Fred R. Coulter

Audio Book


Foreward / Introduction

Chapter 1 - Jesus’ Last Passover and Crucifixion

Chapter 2 - The Agony of the Crucifixion

Chapter 3 - Who Killed Jesus the Christ?

Chapter 4 - Twenty-eight Prophecies Fulfilled On the Crucifixion Day

Chapter 5 - Scriptures: The Day Jesus the Christ Died

Chapter 6 - Jesus in the Tomb Three Days and Three Nights And the Resurrection

Chapter 7 - The Events on the First Day of the Week to Jesus’ Final Ascension

Chapter 8 - The Meaning of the Footwashing

Chapter 9 - The Meaning of the Body of Jesus the Christ

Chapter 10 - The Meaning of the Blood Of Jesus the Christ

Chapter 11 - Jesus’ One Sacrifice Fulfilled All

Chapter 12 - A Call to Repentance

Appendix A - “The First of the Unleaveneds”

Appendix B - “Today Is the Third Day Since These Things Took Place”

Appendix C - “The First Day of the Weeks”

Appendix D - The Eucharist—Sacrifice of the Mass

Appendix E - Scourging and Crucifixion In Roman Tradition



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