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The Holy Bible In Its Original Order

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With all due respect to the King James Version of the Bible, its books are quite out of order! The fact is, King James and his team of 54 translators missed a golden opportunity to produce a complete Bible in which the books follow the original manuscript order—which, ironically, was well known among those scholars. Why was the inspired canonical order intentionally ignored? Was it political/religious expediency? Was there a real fear of offending the “doctrinal sensitivities” of the Church of England?

Now, 400 years later, a new Bible is making headlines— The Holy Bible In Its Original Order. This extraordinary Bible is unique in three ways.

First, it is the only complete Bible ever published in a single volume—with Old and New Testaments—that follows the original, canonical manuscript order. Today, nearly all scholars and theologians recognize this manuscript order, but overlook its importance. The Holy Bible In Its Original Order gives you, the reader, concrete, verifiable proof of the original, inspired manuscript order of the books of the...

Bible. Commentaries are included that trace precisely how the order of the books of the Bible was mysteriously altered by early church fathers in the fourth century, leading to the present 66-book format.

Look what's inside...

Included are Commentaries providing accurate accounts of the writing, canonization and preservation of the Bible. Various Appendices answer questions such as: When was Jesus born? How did Christ fulfill the Law and the Prophets? When was Jesus crucified? When was He resurrected? What does it mean to be “born again”? What are “works of law”? What are the true teachings of the New Testament Church Jesus founded? Also, biblical and historical Chronologies show an accurate timeline from creation to the present; detailed Footnotes explain hard-to-understand Scriptures. Includes center column references; word definitions and alternate renderings for key words; beautiful original artwork of the Temple in Jesus’ time; 280 pages of commentary; and various maps.

Once the original order of the 49 Godbreathed biblical books is properly restored, God’s purposeful design of the Scriptures begins to unfold, substantiating its divine inspiration. Major portions of Scripture become “unscrambled” from an arrangement of neglect and disorder, unlocking vital keys to understanding. The Bible suddenly takes on a new sense of balance, symmetry and unity.

2nd addition Second, this version is a new easy-to-understand translation, one that reflects the meaning of the original Hebrew and Greek with fidelity and accuracy— finally after 400 years, the mistakes of the King James Bible have been corrected! It combines current scholarship yet, it is free from the influence of religious tradition and presupposition.

Third, The Holy Bible In Its Original Order recaptures the original, inspired teachings of both the Old and New Testaments through its translation and its extensive commentaries. Over the centuries, numerous doctrinal errors have developed from inaccurate translations and rigid adherence to religious traditions of men. Setting aside such traditions, this new Bible restores more than just the correct canonical order—it restores the very truth of God. For more information CLICK HERE



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