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How Church at Home is Supported

As a separate entity, Church at Home is sponsored by the Christian Biblical Church of God, and is supported in its efforts by a small army of dedicated members and co-workers.  Through their freely-given tithes and offerings, Church at Home video-casts and printed materials are made available without cost to anyone via the Internet.

In tandem with the Christian Biblical Church of God, the purpose of Church at Home is Restoring Original Christianity—for today’s world to those new to the true, original, biblical Christianity of Jesus Christ and His original apostles.  We are dedicated to fearlessly preach the TRUTH of God the Father and Jesus Christ; the TRUTH of the Word of God—Old and New Testaments—exposing the false teachings of Orthodox Christianity; preaching a warning message of repentance; teaching the truth of the end-time Bible prophecies to warn the world. We are not involved in any politics, any religious traditions of Orthodox Christianity; or any teachings of men.  We believe and teach only the TRUTH of God from the WORD OF GOD!

Contributions are welcomed and gratefully accepted.  If you desire to send your free-will contributions, tithes and offerings to support this work of reaching out to others with the Gospel message of TRUTH, FAITH, HOPE and LOVE, please select one  the following methods to contribute:

To make an online contribution, please click here:


To make contributions by mail, please address your contributions to:

            Church at Home
            Post Office Box 1442
            Hollister California 95024-1442

In accordance with good stewardship,  Church at Home/Christian Biblical Church of God annually gives you an accounting all your contributions, and a statement of its income and expenditures for the year.



Thank you very much for your support.

Church at Home is sponsored by the Christian Biblical Church of God
a non profit organization.







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