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The Purpose of Church at Home
quitting church
Babylon the Great
Obsessed with Sex
Why Were You Born?
Prophecies of Matthew 24 Pt1
Proverbs for each day of the month
Blessings and Cursings
Revelation Audio Series
Kingdom of God Part 1
America Great Awakening
God's Criminal Justice System Pt1
Transhumanism Part 1
Psalm 23
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The Almighty God
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Seek Your Crown
Restoring the Bible
Christian Biblical
Church of God

Welcome to Church at Home. We are dedicated to Restoring Original Christianity—For Today WATCH THE VIDEO or READ MORE...

Featured Videos

Featured Video

Coming One World Religion

featured video series

Truth About Abortion

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The Unity of Scripture

The Unity of Scripture

New Video
Do You Really Believe?

Do You Really Believe?

How to Worship God

How to Worship God - Part 1

Warning: Pot is Dangerous!

Warning: Pot is Dangerous!

The Truth About Abortion

The Truth About Abotion - Part 1

Why Doesn't God Help Us?

Why Doesn't God Help Us?

A Special Message
AMERICA - Great Awakening

America - Great Awakening

What God Requires of Ministers

What God Requires of Ministers


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Do You Really Believe? Part 2


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When Was Jesus Born?

Day Jesus Christ was Born
Occult Hollidays

Why Were You Born?Why Were You Born? Free Book Offer

America and Britain
Day Jesus the Christ Died
Lord, What Should I do?
A Harmony of the Gospels
God's Bible Pathway Free Offer
God or No God?
Proverbs for Youth
Why Christianity Has Failed in America

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